Invajo event glossary

The event industry is constantly evolving and with this glossary we hope to clarify confusing jargon and concepts. Hopefully it will make you make the most of our systems.

PCO - Professional Conference Organiser

An Event PCO (Professional Conference Organizer) company is a specialized organization that offers comprehensive services for the planning, organization, and execution of various types of events, with a particular focus on conferences, congresses, and meetings. These companies are experts in managing all aspects of event logistics, ensuring smooth and successful gatherings for their clients.

Key responsibilities and services that can be provided by a PCO:

1. Event planning and strategy: A PCO works closely with its clients to understand their objectives, goals, and requirements for the event. They develop a detailed event plan and strategy, considering factors such as target audience, budget, timeline, and event format.

2. Venue selection and contract negotiation: PCOs assist in finding suitable venues that align with the event's size, location, and budget requirements. They handle venue negotiations, securing favorable contracts for their clients.

3. Registration and delegate management: PCOs provide comprehensive delegate management services, handling event registration, attendee communication, and providing support for queries and special requirements. Often together with partners like Invajo which provides the software.

4. Program development and content management: These companies collaborate with event organizers to develop engaging programs and curate content, ensuring that the event's agenda aligns with the objectives and interests of the attendees.

5. Marketing and promotion: Event PCO companies employ various marketing strategies to promote the event, increase attendance, and enhance its visibility. This may include online marketing, social media campaigns, and targeted outreach to potential delegates and sponsors.

6. Logistics and on-site management: PCOs meticulously plan event logistics, including transportation, audiovisual setup, catering, and accommodation for attendees. During the event, they provide on-site management, overseeing the smooth execution of all activities.

7. Sponsorship and exhibition management: PCOs help secure sponsorships and manage exhibitor participation, ensuring a mutually beneficial partnership between sponsors and event organizers.

8. Financial management: Event PCOs handle budgeting and financial management for the event, ensuring expenses are tracked, and financial reports are generated for the client.

9. Post-Event evaluation: After the event, PCOs conduct post-event evaluations to assess its success, collect feedback from attendees, and identify areas for improvement in future events.

10. Compliance and legal matters: PCOs are well-versed in local regulations and compliance requirements for events. They ensure that all legal and safety standards are met throughout the planning and execution process.

Overall, a PCO acts as a reliable and experienced partner, taking the stress of event organization off the client's shoulders, and allowing them to focus on the content and objectives of the event. Through their expertise and attention to detail, these companies help create memorable and impactful gatherings that leave a lasting impression on attendees.

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Invajo collaborates with several PCO:s like Academic Conferences, Meetagain, Umeå Congress, MeetX, Resia, and more.