Sell tickets in a safe environment

Event ROI with ticket options

Selling tickets is easy with Invajo. By using either our Classic system or the Beyond platform you have several payment options to choose from, both for credit card payments and invoicing solutions with advanced vat management. Pick and choose.

Create an account, set your prices and start selling your tickets to get full attendance.
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Integrated payment solutions

Powerful payment toolbox

We have powerful solutions for registration to events with built in optional ticketing options with various payment alternatives. Its important to make sure its an easy management but equally important to make the payment process hassle free.

Efficient registration process

Invajo offers an easy online registration and enrollment, enabling participants to sign up for workshops and courses with just a few clicks.

Credit card payments

We offer Stripe, Nets and iDeal as payment providers for card payments. Can be offered together with invoices.


We can generate invoices and send through Billogram or InExchange. Invoice payments can be registered by our import of BGMax files and set to correct participants.

Auto VAT

Automatic calculation of VAT based on event settings, participant country, VAT number and if tickets are virtual or not. Perfect for tickets within EU.


Support for automatically look up and validate PEPPOL ids in the participant register flow, in order to make sure its valid and correct.

Order managent and exports

You can easily manage participants orders and see summary of order details and export what you need. Create invoice lists and reports for the entire organisation.

Bookkeeping accounts

Create bookkeeping accounts and connect to your tickets. The bookkeeping account is created with account number, VAT rate and VAT type. For VAT type you can select reverse, export or MOSS.

Cost centres

Create costs centre and connect to your tickets and ticket sales. You can also specify how the created Cost centre handles VAT.
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Nets Netaxept

Classic and Beyond

Card payments for your participants where you keep control of transactions and funds are immidetly transfered to you as an organizer.
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Offer invoicing to your participants and send them directly to InExchange for simple handling. Often required by authorities and governmental institutions.
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Classic and Beyond

Card payments for your participants where you handle refunds etc in the Stripe platform.
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Payment solution for your participants from Billogram.
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Payment solution from iDeal offering a wide selection of payment options.


Security is vital in event management and online ticket sales to protect attendees' personal and financial data, build trust, and safeguard the overall success and reputation of events. All information sent to and from participants browsers are encrypted and we work regularly to improve security in systems and processes.

We have selected trusted payment providers and make sure that the ticket purchases are secure and trustworthy. Participants are more likely to participate in events and purchase tickets when they feel confident that their personal information and financial data are safe.

Get started

We offer powerful solutions but also simple and easy usage. Get started quickly and secure.

Get paid

Increase ticket sales by offering multiple choice of secure payment solutions.


Create reports and follow up on ticket sales in order to improve and make sure your event ROI as high as it should be.

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