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This is where you sign in to our different platforms - Invajo, AppInConf Virtual Conference or Memlin.

The Invajo Platform

Our classic event management tool, tested and loved by our customers.

Invajo 1 Normal

Legacy platform

This is the older version of our platform. If you wish to move to our EU-based version, reach out to

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Invajo 1 EU

EU hosted (new)

With the same functionality as Normal, this platform is using sub processors fully owned by European companies.

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What's the difference between platforms?

Functionality-wise, both platforms have exactly the same functionality. The only difference between them is that the EU platform is using sub processors which are fully owned by European companies, something which has been requested by several of our users. Both platforms are currently offering the same functionality.

The EU version will over time become our new default platform. If you currently are using our Normal platform you are welcome to move to the EU platform. Contact us to learn more.

Invajo 1 Normal or EU

Check-in app

Use our check-in (web app), to scan and register attendees at your event. The app needs a device with camera and scanning functionality. Use your Invajo 1 sign in details.

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AppInConf / Memlin

A platform for your virtual event needs and the legacy Memlin Event Management System.

Virtual Platform

AppInConf - Virtual Events and Conferences

Our virtual event platform used to host smaller virtual events or bigger conferences.

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Memlin - Event Management System

This system is closed for new accounts. You can still login with your created account.

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