VisitSweden hosts strategic b2b events for Sweden.

VisitSweden is a state-owned company marketing Sweden to the global tourism industry. The company creates relations with travel agents and tourism experts all across the globe, with the sole purpose of widening the tourist market for Sweden.

VisitSweden works with travel trade and within that niche they create b2b events. The purpose of the events is to connect Swedish companies with international players, creating new routes and collaborations between Sweden and the world. They have been doing this for many years and can positively say that their engagements has broadened the Swedish tourist market.

VisitSweden started using Invajo in 2018.

“What we appreciate the most with Invajo is its simplicity. It’s easy to export information for use in other programs, but also equally easy to share access with the platform to third party users, so that we don’t have to extract and send possibly sensitive information to third parties. It helps us make sure that we comply with the rules of GDPR,” says Annelie of VisitSweden.