Meet one of our superusers: Riksbyggen

Meet one of our superusers: Riksbyggen

Both Emma and Josefin describe their roles at Riksbyggen as fluid, with different focus areas and project stages that entail various needs and tasks to be completed at different times.

From Riksbyggen's account, scheduled booking options and invitations of various kinds are created.

Josefin summarizes her work in Invajo as primarily centered around invitations, in general.

"In my role, it's about invitations, you could say. I send out invitations when I want to keep track of my event."

She mentions invitations related to workshops, among other things.

"I don't want email inboxes to fill up, and I want this user list to be clear with the necessary questions. You can't actually attend if you don't answer the questions we have beforehand."

Riksbyggen has been with us since 2018 and cannot be described as anything other than a group of superusers. They tell us that before Invajo came into the picture, they worked very manually with their registrations, and to this day, they see great value in a tool that helps streamline and improve various processes.

"Previously, we sent out invitations and registered participants by having them respond via email and then writing them down in some Excel sheets we created ourselves. And as you can imagine, everyone's inbox is quite full with both internal and external emails. So, it became unsustainable.

We really saw the need to use a tool. And now, with the passage of time, we also see that it's better for the customer, from a customer perspective as well. They can manage their bookings themselves."

Clarity in the registration process for customers was emphasized as very important during the meeting, and it has improved with the integration of Invajo. What is actually offered, what information needs to be provided, and under what conditions are much clearer today than before Invajo. In addition to being clear, straightforward, and visually appealing externally, both Emma and Josefin highlighted the perceived simplicity internally.

"It's also about user-friendliness for us internally. Invajo is very easy to use, and it's very easy to customize most things, actually. I think it's great. We took a little step forward last spring when we tried to make sure we gathered our entire sales team around Invajo."

When Emma and Josefin are asked to describe what Invajo means for their business, they say that the greatest value lies in reduced time and administration.

"I would probably say that it's about saving time and administration. That's probably the biggest thing. We no longer receive bookings via email that we have to manage continuously.

Instead, we release the booking system, and then it fills up over time. A few days before the event date, you can get a list of those who have booked. That's probably the biggest thing. The time savings are enormous."

We would like to thank Riksbyggen for a fantastic collaboration, and special thanks to Emma and Josefin for taking the time to share their experiences. We love following our customers' work in various industries and appreciate being a part of all your journeys.