Flokk creates ripple effects with industry events.

Flokk creates ripple effects with industry events.

Jessica Borgar is a marketing manager at Flokk. A big part of her daily work consists of planning and executing events where players within the industry can learn about Flokk’s new designs and R&D-work. With a clearly defined customer base consistency is key, and event marketing is perfect for an industry where everybody knows everybody. “The design world is a small pool,” says Jessica. “The same people go from company to company, so networking events are very important to us. It’s a great way for us to broadcast news on our projects and collaborations, but also to push the industry in the direction we want to see it go in.”

Flokk used to create huge yearly events as a treat to the industry, sometimes with up to 800 participants. After the covid pandemic, they decided to transition to small niche events instead, using their intricate customer knowledge to cater each event to a specific segment of their audience.

As an example Jessica mentions how they’ve been developing a chair specifically catered to lab use. “It’s easy to keep clean - it can handle harsh cleaning chemicals, and is easy to wipe off,” she explains. “When we develop an event for the development of a product like this, we can be very specific with our marketing. We’ll invite architects for lab environments, partners that work with those specific ISO-standards and so on. We make sure that those who we invite can really make use of the content.”

When asked what she most likes with Invajo, Jessica replies,

“It’s an easy system to use, which is great for me since I handle many moving parts and need a quick and easy onboarding. That in combination with your fast support system makes Invajo great to work with. It also doesn’t hurt that the finished product [i.e. the booking pages] look great. We’re a design company, so we can’t publish ugly booking pages!” Jessica says with a laugh.