AIK football builds trust through partnership programs.

Networking is a big part of the work for AIK football. Through their networking events, businesses and decision-makers from different industries can gather, build new relationships and do business - all through their joint love for football. The networking events are built around physical, tangible meetings.

AIK meets several times a year for home-games, business meet-ups and networking trips. AIK football uses Invajo to quickly be able to create and plan these events. Nicole Bertilsson, of AIK, elaborates:

"I work with planning and executing networking events for our customers, and to do this we use Invajo. In Invajo we can easily keep track of everything in the same system, extract excel lists and analyse data. The platform has been of tremendous help and has simplified our work enormously."

Invajo are proud to have AIK as a customer and hope for many more fruitful collaborations in the years to come.