Transportforum celebrates 40 years, we were there!

For 2 days in January, hundreds of presentations and workshops were held around Linköping. If you were seeking inspiration, networking opportunities, and gaining new knowledge in this industry, then Transportforum is the right place to be! Transportforum is recognized as the largest conference in the Nordic region within the transportation sector. Me, Emelie, and Tom were present in Linköping in January where we provided on-site support regarding our abstract system, app, and digital poster screens. Together with Grand Travel we provided our services and got to be a part of this successful conference!

What role did Invajo play at Transportforum?

Abstract System
We assisted in setting up a web-based abstract system for Transportforum. All abstracts were then gathered in one place, perfect for larger conferences!

We designed an app for Transportforum, which integrates with the abstract system. The app provided participants with an overview of the conference. A QR code was scanned to download the app, which then provides access to the program, various abstracts, maps, speakers, and much more!

Digital Poster Screens
On-site, we provided two digital poster screens. The iPad serves as a remote control where participants had the opportunity to present their submitted poster and receive feedback from the audience. We were close at hand if any questions arose. Throughout the days, the posters were displayed in a slideshow, allowing participants to gain new knowledge and inspiration. The digital posters were also available in the app if participants wanted to delve deeper into any specific topic.

A rewarding and enjoyable conference to be a part of!