System updates on Invajo Classic in June

Our developers have been busy adding a lot of great new features to Invajo Classic. See the list below where we highlight some of them.

Updates made on the Invajo Classic platform in June, 2023

  • Header image settings
  • Adjustments to make it more understandable for the user, e.g how to disable the event text and set the colors.
  • Attached pdfs on event page now opens in browser per default
  • Instead of just downloading the pdf which caused problems for some mobile devices.
  • Now possible to choose to be anonymous when using survey mode
  • Decide if you allow people to answer your surveys anonymously or mandatory to fill out name + email.
  • Possible for event admin to change participant email!
  • Open the participant card → Edit booking → Double-click on the email field to edit.
  • Added Invajo event details to Netaxept description field on transactions.
  • For easier reports and handling when using Netaxept as payment provider.
  • Description: Invajo: Event name (ID: EVENT_ID)
  • Added a new event language - Dutch (NL)
  • Now possible to have Dutch (NL) as event language.