Sara, our abstract specialist, shares the benefits of the abstract system

Sara joined Invajo in December 2021, initially as a project coordinator. Over the past 2.5 years, she has focused primarily on the abstract system. Today, she has transitioned into the role of Project Manager. With her extensive experience managing projects of varying scales for both Swedish and international clients, Sara enriches our team with a wealth of expertise.

An abstract is a brief summary of a researcher's work. Invajo offers a web-based abstract system utilized by scientific and medical conferences globally. We collaborate with, among others, Lund University, the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU), Karolinska Institute, and Uppsala University. As an example, we are currently collaborating with SLU for the IUFRO World Congress, a global event for forest science, taking place in Stockholm this summer. We have received over 5000 abstracts distributed across 30 parallel tracks. This year, we are proud to facilitate a record-breaking number of more than 4000 delegates.

Could you briefly explain the abstract system?

Conferences utilize abstract submissions to evaluate and select which researchers will be invited to participate and present their research at the conference. Once researchers submit their abstracts via the system, administrators can review, assess, and provide feedback on them. These abstracts can then seamlessly be integrated into our virtual platform, website, or conference app for publication and scheduling.

What are the benefits of the abstract system?

  • Customized to your needs - we offer conference registration, schedules, websites, and apps linked to the abstract system. We adapt to your requirements and preferences.
  • A smooth process - submitters only need to create one account which give them access to submit their abstract. All author communication is conducted through the system and we offer support for any questions.
  • Environmentally friendly - one of the benefits of the system is that researchers can upload digital posters, eliminating the need for printing. Additionally, we offer templates to streamline the submission process for both the committee and the authors.
  • Authors from countries worldwide can contribute - we offer the opportunity for researchers to submit abstracts through our system and participate in the conference even if they cannot attend physically, thus allowing their research to reach others onsite.
  • Used for other types of submissions - our system is not limited to scientific abstracts; it can also function more like an assessment system. For instance, it can be utilized by clients for tasks such as distributing scholarships or evaluating whether participants in an education program meet specific criteria. We always strive to adapt to your needs.
  • Available in several different languages - the system has been used in English, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, and French. Additional languages are available upon request.

If you're interested in learning more about the abstract system, feel free to book a free demo with us on our website, and we'll gladly provide further information!