How to deal with bounced emails?

Keeping your email lists fresh is like giving your inbox a VIP makeover! But hey, we get it, sometimes you're stuck with an old list, and that's when the bounce reports swoop in. Don't fret! With Invajo's nifty features, you can give that list a glow-up and bid those bounces farewell.

Do you often send out invitations to large guest lists?

Maybe you're using exported lists from your CRM that aren't completely up-to-date? In that case, it's not uncommon for a few participants to have incorrect email addresses, causing their emails to bounce and be marked as invalid.

However, by using the "Invalid email addresses" filter in Invajo Classic, you can easily see all participants whose emails didn't go through as expected. A red mark next to their name tells you that something went wrong while sending the invitation. If you hover your mouse over the icon you can even get more information and e.g. see if their email server reported a soft or a hard bounce.

The invalid email addresses filter in Invajo

If you then click on the participant's name, you can easily correct any mistakes in their email adress. Just double-click in the email box to edit.

Emails can bounce for various reasons, such as:

  1. Typos in the email address.
  2. The address doesn't exist.
  3. Incorrect email format.
  4. The recipient's inbox is full.

What's the difference between a Soft bounce and a Hard bounce?

When it comes to email delivery there are two types of "Bounce reports". Soft bounces are typically due to temporary problems and may result in successful delivery upon subsequent attempts, while hard bounces, sometimes also indicated as "Rejected", indicate a permanent issue with the recipient's email address or server and will not be delivered, even after several attempts.

Blog post photo by Luke Southern on Unsplash