Celebrating Success: Highlights from the World Aquatic Development Conference 2023 in Lund

The decision to livestream a conference might sound a bit daring, but for WADC 2023 this was a notable milestone that ensured that the knowledge shared reached a global audience. With a user-friendly platform and two knowledge tracks the success was a fact.

A live-streamed conference for coaches, scientists and swimmers

Last week, the World Aquatic Development Conference 2023 took place in Lund (Sweden), with over 350 participants from a total of 26 nations! The schedule included everything from morning yoga, an opening ceremony with the student orchestra Alte Kamreren, lectures from professional swimmers and coaches, and even a former astronaut.

Invajo's virtual platform and conference app were the obvious choice to offer digital participation and maximize knowledge dissemination to people who couldn't attend in person for various reasons. With two different knowledge tracks (Learn to swim and Competitive swimming), digital exhibitor booths, abstracts, and posters, the entire conference experience was elevated.

"This was the first year we chose to livestream the entire conference, which was, of course, a bit nerve-wracking. But it felt like a natural choice to use Invajo and their virtual platform. We prefer to handle a lot ourselves within the association, so it was a big plus that the platform was so easy to work with. With the help of hired professional cameras and some initial setup assistance from Fredrik Hansson of Invajo, our own volunteers could act as streaming technicians throughout the conference."

Hilde Elise Hansen, WADC

In recognition of the collective efforts that made this conference an exceptional success, our heartfelt gratitude extends to Thorbjörn Holmberg, Hilde Elise Hansen, and the entire WADC team for their remarkable collaboration and dedication. Their commitment to the aquatic community shines as a testament to the spirit of innovation and excellence that defined the World Aquatic Development Conference 2023.