The Impact of After-Event Strategies: Use Surveys to Boost Your Return on Investment

What happens after a finished event? Your participants have just left one of your amazing events. Does that mean you're done? Absolutely not! This is the time when you craft that additional value that will increase the ROI (Return-on-investment) profoundly. Both you and your attendees will gain more value with this simple yet effective strategy.

Don't miss out on powerful intel from your participant: After-event surveys

You and your team have likely put in countless hours to ensure that your events, webinars, and meetings are as successful as possible for your participants. You've put gold into every detail:

  • You've created the pre-event hype.
  • The team have ensured an enriching content.
  • Presented a stylish invitation.
  • Arranged a spectacular welcome.
  • Offered numerous engaging discussions throughout the day, and much more.

But what comes next?

Once the conference or event is over, most organizers think that their job is done. However, one simple yet incredibly vital step, beyond the obvious like a ”thank-you email”, is to send out a survey! Through a survey or questionnaire, you're maximizing your investment while gathering valuable insights that can make your future events even more successful, ultimately boosting your ROI (Return-on-investment).

There are several ways to structure your event follow-up – it might even suffice to have just one question to gather measurable value for your upcoming occasions.

Ask open-ended questions.

By open-ended questions, we mean those that don't merely have a yes or no answer, a scale rating, or predefined response options. In other words, questions with free-text answers. Without these open-ended questions, you might miss out on significant information that you hadn't thought to ask about. These questions can range from leading questions like "What did you think of the event venue?" to entirely open-ended ones like "Any additional comments?" If your participants have something on their minds, free-text answers are an excellent way to create a forum for sharing thoughts.

Survey = Feedback

Without feedback, making improvements for future events becomes challenging. Therefore, it's advisable to prepare this kind of survey already when planning your meeting, webinar, or event. This way, you can automatically send out the survey once the event is concluded. This often boosts response rates while providing up-to-date answers.

Discover the survey tool under the "After Event" section in the platform.