Privacy, personal data and GDPR

Privacy matters

Privacy, personal data and GDPR is important aspects of event management, and can be complex if not done right. Event managers need to know how to safely manage participants and stake holders personal data.

Invajo helps you to comply with regulations for your event management, with smart tools and knowledge. Lets make safe and easy events!
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Personal data refers to any information that can be used to identify or relate to an individual. This includes but is not limited to, names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, social security numbers, financial information, photographs, biometric data, and online identifiers like IP addresses and cookies. Also form replies for an event is personal data.

Why is protection of data important?

The protection of personal data is essential to safeguard an individual's privacy and prevent potential misuse or abuse of this information. Many countries and regions have enacted laws and regulations to ensure the responsible handling of personal data by businesses, organizations, and governments, with a focus on transparency, consent, and data security. Within the EU, where Invajo is based, personal data is protected by the GDPR regulations.


The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a comprehensive data privacy regulation implemented by the European Union (EU) to protect the personal data of EU citizens. It came into effect on May 25, 2018, replacing the previous Data Protection Directive.

GDPR aims to give individuals greater control over their personal data and enhance their privacy rights in the digital age. It applies to all organizations, regardless of their location, that process personal data of EU residents, making it one of the most far-reaching data protection laws globally.



Individual to whom the personal data belongs. Has rights regarding their data, including access, rectification, and the right to be informed about data usage.

In event management the participant is the data subject.


Determines the purpose and means of data processing. Responsible for compliance with data protection laws, obtaining consent, and respecting individuals' rights.

This is the event organiser.


Processes data on behalf of the data controller, following their instructions and requirements. Responsible for secure and lawful data processing.

This is us, Invajo. We store all personal data within the EU and according to best practice in the industry. Data sent between participants and the system is always sent encrypted.

Things to consider as an event organiser

Data collection and consent
Clearly inform attendees about the data being collected and the purpose of its usage, especially if the data will be used for marketing purposes.
Data security
Restrict access to personal data only to authorized personnel and limit their permissions based on their roles.
Data minimization
Only collect and store the data necessary for event management purposes.
Avoid collecting sensitive personal data unless absolutely required and with explicit consent.
Data retention
Define a clear data retention policy outlining how long personal data will be stored.
Periodically review and delete unnecessary data once it's no longer needed for event management. It can easily be done in Invajo.
Data access requests
Be prepared to handle data access requests from attendees who wish to view or modify their personal data.
Invajo as a processor manages these requests.
Staff training
Train your event management team about data protection policies and the importance of handling personal data responsibly. Invajo can help with processes and courses.


Before using Invajo you need to comply to our User Terms, Privacy Policy and accept our Data Privacy Addendum (DPA) in the process of creating your account. You can also provide your own DPA if you need, and we will review it.
These are for your protection and regulates how data is handled and by whom. Please review these documents to make you feel confident in Invajo and our dedication to protect your data.

User terms

The terms that govern your use and access to our platform.

Open Invajo User terms

Privacy policy

Explains how we use your personal data when using our platform.

Open Invajo Privacy policy

Data Processing Addendum (DPA)

Regulates Invajos role as processor of your data.

Open Invajo DPA


Sub-processors we use in order to deliver our service.

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