Your highway to webinar success.

Webinars are an excellent way to create traction for your seminar, product showing or workshop. By utilising a webinar format you remove any location barriers, and can allow for world-wide attendance. And your attendees - they don't have to spend a dime on travel costs.

We offer the tools you need to invite, book and group participants, to communicate with them both before, during and after the course, to stream, share files and follow-up. In other words, we offer the complete package - one that makes your participants come back, again and again.

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Digital course or seminar

Teach your craft to a larger audience. Take your knowledge outside of the classroom and reach students all over the world, save participant lists for future use and collect feedback through our surveys.

Lectures & demos

Revive your company culture and create new connections through inspiring lectures, or create customer events to show your vision or product in a personal way. 


Workshops are an excellent way to open up the doors for co-education and idea exchange within your company. Use Invajo to book participants, share materials and interact during streaming sessions.

Dynamic bookings

Set rules for your bookings to create a dynamic booking and pricing-structure where participants get different booking options depending on their role, age or location.

Collect hot leads

Save your participant lists for future use. By notifying previous participants of future webinars you always have a relevant collection of leads to entice into further engagement.

Share materials

Share materials already at the booking stage, or through the platform during the course. Collect assignments and add grades directly on the platform.

Stream event

Connect to the platform to your favourite streaming service or use our built-in streaming tool.

Text & e-mail

Communicate with your participants before, during or after your webinar with scheduled or direct send-outs.

Interact during sessions

Hold a group conversation or let your participants write comments and questions in a live chat during streaming.

Build your own education portal

Group several courses or programs into a project and build your own education portal - one that can be integrated into your webpage.

Waiting list

Is your course fully booked? Create a waiting list that you can use whenever a spot is freed up.

Explore the possibilities!